Audiobook of The Day Will Come

The Day Will Come

by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

In the heart of Victorian England, where social conventions and hidden desires intertwine, Mary Elizabeth Braddon's captivating novel, "The Day Will Come," unfolds a tale of love, betrayal, and the relentless pursuit of justice. Amidst the grandeur of estates and the shadowy corners of London's underworld, we meet Lady Audrey, a woman of captivating beauty and enigmatic charm. Married to the wealthy but domineering Sir George Audley, Audrey finds herself trapped in a loveless union, her heart yearning for a passion that eludes her grasp.

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Mary Elizabeth Braddon (4 October 1835 – 4 February 1915) was an English popular novelist of the Victorian era. She is best known for her 1862 sensation novel Lady Audley's Secret, which has als...

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