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The Forest Lovers

By: Maurice Henry Hewlett

The story revolves around a young knight, Richard Lanfranc, who falls in love with a mysterious forest-dwelling woman named Alisande. The Forest Lovers is a captivating tale of love, adventure, and magic that is set against the backdrop of the forest of Sherwood. This novel is not just a simple love story but it also explores themes of chivalry, medieval life, and the power of nature. The author's vivid descriptions of the forest and the characters within it bring the story to life and make it an engaging read. "The Forest Lovers" is considered a classic of English literature and is often compared to other great works of historical fiction such as Walter Scott's "Ivanhoe." The author, Maurice Henry Hewlett, was an English novelist and poet who was born in 1860 and died in 1923. He was known for his historical fiction, poetry, and literary works. Hewlett's writing style is characterized by his vivid descriptions and his attention to historical detail. He was a versatile author and his works range from serious historical fiction to light-hearted romance novels. In conclusion, "The Forest Lovers" by Maurice Henry Hewlett is a classic work of English literature that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The novel's themes of love, adventure, and the power of nature make it an engaging read for fans of historical fiction. If you're looking for a book that will transport you back in time to medieval England, "The Forest Lovers" is definitely a must-read.

"The Forest Lovers" by Maurice Henry Hewlett is a historical romance novel set in the Middle Ages of England. The book follows the story of Roland Lee, a young man of noble birth, who has grown tired of court life and instead decides to embark on a journey through the forest. On his journey, he meets a mysterious woman named Mavis who captures his heart and takes him on a journey filled with adventure, passion, and self-discovery.

The Forest Lovers is considered one of Maurice Henry Hewlett's most notable works and is known for its rich and intricate descriptions of the English countryside, medieval life, and courtly love. Hewlett's writing style, characterized by his use of vivid imagery and attention to historical detail, creates a captivating and immersive reading experience that transports the reader back to the Middle Ages.

The themes of the book center around love, courage, and the pursuit of happiness. As Roland navigates the complexities of medieval society and his own feelings, he learns to embrace his own desires and finds the courage to follow his heart. Through his journey, Roland transforms from a passive and disillusioned young man into a confident and passionate lover, making The Forest Lovers a timeless and inspiring tale of personal growth and romantic love.

The Forest Lovers by Maurice Henry Hewlett is a must-read for anyone who loves historical romance novels and is looking for a captivating and emotionally charged story. Its themes and writing style make it a classic of the genre and a timeless piece of literature that will continue to be cherished by readers for generations to come.


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Maurice Henry Hewlett was an English author, poet, and medievalist who was known for his historical fiction and historical romance novels. Born in London, Hewlett was educated at St. John's College, O...

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