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The Mastery of Destiny

By: James Allen

James Allen’s inspirational and thought-provoking books have inspired millions. In The Mastery of Destiny, he instructs readers on developing self-control, willpower, concentration, and motivation. Through mental discipline, we can create a life of unending happiness, prosperity, and, most importantly, self-mastery.

"The Mastery of Destiny" embodies James Allen's teachings that our thoughts can be used to increase our capabilities and to create our lives as we desire them to be. Allen tackles a number of pivotal topics in this short tome, including the Law of Cause and Effect (the Law of Attraction), breaking bad habits, and the joy of accomplishment. To Allen, "characteristics are fixed habits of mind, the results of deeds. An act repeated a large number of times becomes unconscious, or automatic- that is, it then seems to repeat itself without any effort on the part of the doer, so that it seems to him almost impossible not to do it, and then it has become a mental characteristic." Since this is the case, if you stay focused on (repetition being one of the major keys) what you want, you will get what you want with little or no conscious effort." Written in 1909, "The Mastery of Destiny" is one of nineteen books that James Allen wrote in his short nine-year literary career (which ended with his death in 1912). Chapters in this short but extremely helpful book include "Deeds, Character and Destiny," "The Science of Self-Control," "Cause and Effect in Human Contact," "Training of the Will," Thoroughness," "Mind-building and Life-Building," "Cultivation of Concentration," "Practice of Meditation," "The Power of Purpose," and "The Joy of Accomplishment."

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James Allen

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James Allen (28 November 1864 – 24 January 1912) was a British philosophical writer known for his inspirational books and poetry and as a pioneer of the self-help movement. His best known work,...

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