Book Cover of The Quaker's Catechism

The Quaker's Catechism

by Richard Baxter

It is a detailed examination of the beliefs and practices of Quakerism. It is written in the form of a question and answer format, with Baxter posing questions about various aspects of Quakerism and then providing detailed answers based on his own theological understanding. Throughout the book, Baxter offers a critique of Quaker beliefs and practices, and seeks to persuade Quakers to embrace the more traditional Puritan beliefs that he espouses. Baxter's arguments are based on his own deep knowledge of scripture, as well as his years of experience as a pastor and theologian. While The Quaker's Catechism was written over three hundred years ago, it remains an important work for scholars and historians interested in the development of religious thought in England during the 17th century. It offers valuable insight into the debates and controversies that surrounded the emergence of Quakerism as a distinct religious movement, and provides a fascinating glimpse into the mind of one of the most influential Puritan thinkers of his time.

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Richard Baxter was a renowned English Puritan theologian, pastor, and writer who lived in the 17th century. He was born in 1615 in Rowton, Shropshire, England and died in 1691 in London. Baxter was kn...

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