Book Cover of The Three Friends; A Story of Rugby in the Forties

The Three Friends; A Story of Rugby in the Forties

by Arthur Gray Butler

The story follows the lives of the three friends as they navigate the challenges of growing up and dealing with the many obstacles and temptations that life throws their way. Through their shared love of rugby, the three friends learn about friendship, teamwork, and the importance of perseverance. The book remains popular among fans of rugby and sports fiction for its vivid depiction of the sport and its timeless themes of friendship and perseverance. "The Three Friends; A Story of Rugby in the Forties" is a novel written by Arthur Gray Butler, an English author. The book was first published in 1912 and is set in the 1940s, focusing on a group of young men who play rugby together at a school in England.

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Arthur Gray Butler was an English academic and cleric, the first headmaster of Haileybury College. Born at the rectory, Gayton, Northamptonshire, on 19 August 1831, he was the third son of George Butl...

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