Book Cover of Two Cumberland Ballads

Two Cumberland Ballads

by John Stagg

Two narrative ballads, based on local lore, by the Cumberland poet John Stagg. In 'The Hermit of Rockcliffe', a young fugitive takes refuge with a hermit, hears a bizarre and cautionary tale of what might befall a lusty young man at a masked ball, and learns surprising news about himself. In 'The Rose of Corby' a young maid's elopement with her lover, on the day of her betrothal to a local lord, has an unexpected outcome.

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John Stagg


John Stagg was an English poet from Cumberland, where he was known as the "blind bard". He is now remembered for "The Vampyre" (1810). Stagg was born at Burgh-by-Sands, near Carlisle, where his father...

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