Audiobook of Weird Tales Double Feature: The Skull and The Bodymaster

Weird Tales Double Feature: The Skull and The Bodymaster

by Harold Ward

Venture into the enigmatic world of Harold Ward's imagination with this double feature of spine-tingling Weird Tales. Brace yourself for a journey that defies the boundaries of reality as you delve into "The Skull" and "The Bodymaster," two eerie novellas that will haunt your thoughts long after the final page. In "The Skull," an ancient relic with an unsettling aura comes into the possession of Charles Desmond, a renowned archaeologist. Rumored to carry a sinister curse, the skull's malevolent influence begins to seep into Charles's life, leading him down a treacherous path of obsession and madness. "The Bodymaster" introduces us to the quiet town of Ravensbrook, where a secret society known as "The Order of the Black Hand" holds sway. When young David Warner stumbles upon the clandestine gatherings, he witnesses a terrifying ritual involving a dark entity. Bound by an oath of secrecy, David is torn between loyalty and his own conscience. As he peels back the layers of secrecy, he uncovers a web of ancient rituals, forbidden knowledge, and unimaginable horror that threatens to engulf the entire town in darkness. As these two twisted tales intertwine, readers will be taken on an extraordinary journey through the realms of horror, supernatural enigmas, and human frailty. "Weird Tales Double Feature: The Skull and The Bodymaster" is a chilling exploration of the human psyche and the darkness that lies dormant within us all.

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