Audiobook of When London Burned

When London Burned

by G. A. Henty

In the heart of the roaring inferno, amidst the chaos of flames and rebellion, a young hero emerges. "When London Burned" by G. A. Henty thrusts you into the heart of the Great Fire of London, a catastrophe that engulfs an entire city. Amidst the burning ruins and the cries for salvation, a tale of courage, resilience, and hope unfolds. As the flames dance their destructive waltz through London's narrow streets, Edmund, our courageous protagonist, finds himself embroiled in a battle not only against the fire but also against the forces that seek to exploit the chaos. In a city where danger lurks at every corner, he must navigate through treacherous alliances and face down ruthless enemies to protect all that he holds dear. G. A. Henty, known for his vivid historical fiction, masterfully brings history to life once again. Through meticulous research and a flair for storytelling, he recreates the dread and valor of a city under siege by nature's wrath. "When London Burned" not only chronicles a city ablaze but also the unyielding spirit of those who stood in the face of destruction, epitomizing the resilience of the human spirit in the direst of circumstances. Get ready for a riveting journey through the ashes and embers of history, where heroism is forged in the hottest of crucibles and where the flames of adversity only serve to illuminate the strength within.

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George Alfred Henty was an English novelist and war correspondent. He is most well-known for his works of adventure fiction and historical fiction, including The Dragon & The Raven (1886), For The...

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