Audiobook of Witching Hill

Witching Hill

by E. W. Hornung

On Witching Hill, where the shadows loom long and the air is thick with portent, the residents whisper of strange occurrences. A phantom carriage gallops through the night, leaving behind a trail of icy mist. A ghostly figure haunts the graveyard, its mournful wails echoing through the silent streets. And in the old abandoned mansion, a malevolent presence lurks, waiting to claim its next victim. Gillon and Delavoye, determined to uncover the truth behind the supernatural happenings, delve into the dark history of Witching Hill. They uncover a web of secrets and lies, dating back centuries. But as they get closer to the heart of the mystery, they realize that they are in grave danger. For the forces of darkness are not to be trifled with...

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E. W. Hornung

United Kingdom

E. W. Hornung was a renowned British author and literary figure, best known for his captivating crime fiction and his creation of the iconic character A. J. Raffles. With his distinctive storytelling...

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