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William Le Queux

William Le Queux (1864-1927) was a British novelist and journalist who was widely popular for his works of spy fiction and mystery novels. He was born in London and had a passion for writing from a young age. Le Queux was a prolific writer, publishing over a hundred novels and short stories during his lifetime.

William Le Queux was best known for his works of spy fiction that captivated the public's imagination with their intricate plots and daring espionage themes. He was one of the first authors to introduce the genre of spy fiction to Britain, and his works became widely popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Some of his most notable works include "The Great War in England in 1897", "The Invasion of 1910" and "The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard".

Le Queux's works were characterized by their attention to detail and their intense focus on military strategy and espionage. He was a master of creating suspenseful and thrilling stories that kept readers on the edge of their seats. Throughout his career, he was considered a foremost expert on espionage and military strategy, and many of his books were used as instructional tools by military leaders and government officials.

William Le Queux died in 1927, but his legacy as a pioneer of spy fiction continues to this day. He was remembered as one of the great writers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and his works continue to be widely read and studied. Despite being criticized for their sensationalism and lack of realism, his books are still regarded as important contributions to the genre of spy fiction and continue to inspire new writers and filmmakers.

Fun Fact: William Le Queux was also an amateur detective and spy, and he often used his own experiences and adventures as the basis for his books. In addition to his writing, he was also an accomplished public speaker and was often invited to give talks on espionage and military strategy.

Books by William Le Queux

The Count's Chauffeur Cover image

The Count's Chauffeur

Crime Fiction Novel
Detective Mystery Influential Espionage Wealth

It follows the story of a chauffeur who finds himself embroiled in a web of deceit and espionage when he becomes the target of a sinister plot. William Le Queux was born in 1864 and rose to prominence as a popular writer of spy novels during the lat...

An Eye For An Eye Cover image

An Eye For An Eye

Crime Fiction Novel
Mystery Redemption Revenge Justice Evil Espionage Betrayal Historical Secret Investigation Human Spirit Intriguing

The enigmatic protagonist, John Mallathorpe, finds himself entangled in a web of treachery that spans continents and transcends time. When a series of puzzling murders shakes the streets of London, leaving the authorities baffled, John Mallathorpe e...

Czar's Spy Cover image

Czar's Spy

William Le Queux was a British novelist and prolific writer of mysteries. Indeed, mystery surrounds the author himself as to whether he was a spy or rather just a self-promoter. Regardless of which is true, Le Queux brings us a story of intrigue and...

Seven Secrets Cover image

Seven Secrets

A true “whodunit” with as many twists and turns as an English country road. Old man Courtenay is found murdered in his bed. Dr. Ralph Boyd is summoned to Courtenay Manor to examine the slain man and discovers a clue that might solve the case. But, he...

Hushed Up! A Mystery of London Cover image

Hushed Up! A Mystery of London

A young man, Owen Biddulph, is drawn to a beautiful young woman with a mysterious past... a past that seems to have returned to cause her disappearance! Is she his new found love or his nemesis? And who is this mysterious clergyman that warns him to...

Invasion Cover image


This novel, also known as The Invasion of 1910, is a 1906 novel written mainly by William Le Queux (with H. W. Wilson providing the naval chapters). It is one of the more famous examples of Invasion literature and is an example of pre-World War I Ger...

Four Faces Cover image

Four Faces

Michael Berrington is a bachelor leading a quiet life in London. Overhearing a conversation at his club one day, he becomes interested in a discussion regarding a man named Gastrell. Gastrell is somewhat of a mystery to the club members in spite of h...

Stretton Street Affair Cover image

Stretton Street Affair

Hugh Gabriel has recently been repatriated from the war and has rejoined his old firm as an electrical engineer. On the way to visit his uncle one night, he is asked by a servant if he would be willing to meet with his wealthy master who is in some d...

Sign of Silence Cover image

Sign of Silence

Edward Royle is the head of a well-known chemical manufacturer in England, which he has inherited. He is engaged to the daughter of his father’s former partner, Phrida Shand, who lives with her mother. One night he is asked by his friend, Sir Digby K...

Great White Queen Cover image

Great White Queen

How to describe this book? In a word – savage. For those regular LibriVox Le Queux mystery listeners, this book is a step in a different direction by the author. The book starts out like most Le Queux. Our hero, Richard Scarsmere, befriends an indivi...

Stolen Souls Cover image

Stolen Souls

This is a collection of 14 of William le Queux' best mystery stories. (Summary by Carolin)

Whither Thou Goest Cover image

Whither Thou Goest

The Earl of Saxham was vastly annoyed when his son, Guy, fell in love with a “penniless nobody,” and announced that he would marry her against all opposition. He determined to separate the lovers; to which end he persuaded an influential friend in th...

As We Forgive Them Cover image

As We Forgive Them

Gilbert Greenwood and Reginald Seton are bachelors who share a flat on Great Russell Street. Neither are especially prosperous but through economies, they manage to live well. One of their hobbies is fox hunting. One night, Greenwood, on returning fr...

House of Whispers Cover image

House of Whispers

This is a story about a young lady and her blind father who live in a House of Whispers. "There is a legend that those who hear the whispers die quickly and suddenly." Story written by William Le Queux in 1910. Le Queux mainly wrote in the genres of...

Czar's Spy: The Mystery of a Silent Love Cover image

Czar's Spy: The Mystery of a Silent Love

A mysterious burgary of the British Consulate at Leghorn, coupled with the even more mysterious visit of an English yacht, leads to a trail of espionage and underground criminal activity that carries to reader to London, to Scotland, and ultimately...

Tickencote Treasure Cover image

Tickencote Treasure

Paul Pickering is a doctor without a fixed practice, and when an old sea captain asks him to join a voyage around the Mediterranean, that's finally an exciting prospect for him. The journey goes well until they spot a most strange vessel somewhere of...

Behind the Throne Cover image

Behind the Throne

Frank Spalding, a young diplomat, finds himself embroiled in political intrigue and global espionage when he is stationed in Italy. With many plot twists and turns, Frank finds a way to navigate through the machinations of international politics.