Audiobook of A Lover's Litanies

A Lover's Litanies

by Eric Mackay

A Lover's Litanies is a passionate and evocative collection of love poems by Eric Mackay, that will leave you breathless with longing and desire. In A Lover's Litanies, Mackay celebrates the beauty and power of love, from its first intoxicating blush to its deepest and most enduring forms. His poems are rich in imagery and symbolism, and his language is both sensual and spiritual. Mackay's poems explore all aspects of love, from its joys to its sorrows, its ecstasies to its agonies. He writes of the first flush of passion, the deep and abiding love between two partners, the pain of loss and betrayal, and the enduring power of forgiveness.

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Eric Mackay was a notable Scottish poet and author who is best known for his remarkable literary works. Born in 1861 in Edinburgh, Mackay had an immense love for literature from a young age. He was...

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