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by John Newton

It is a personal and spiritual autobiography that reflects on the author's life, experiences, and beliefs. This compelling and insightful book delves into the author's journey from a slave trader to a prominent preacher and a prominent abolitionist in the 18th century. John Newton wrote "Apologia" in 1764, before he became a famous preacher and composer of the hymn "Amazing Grace." The book provides a candid and honest account of Newton's early life, his time as a sailor, his involvement in the slave trade, his conversion to Christianity, and his eventual decision to become a minister. In "Apologia," Newton grapples with his past and reflects on the moral and ethical implications of the slave trade. He provides a vivid and detailed description of the conditions on board slave ships and the brutal treatment of enslaved Africans. He also acknowledges his role in the trade and expresses regret for his actions, making "Apologia" a powerful document of repentance and reconciliation. The book provides a fascinating insight into the life and beliefs of one of the most influential figures of the 18th century. It highlights the struggles of a man trying to reconcile his faith with his past and demonstrates the power of redemption and forgiveness. Newton's legacy as an abolitionist and advocate for social justice continues to inspire and influence people today, and "Apologia" is an essential piece of literature for anyone interested in the history of slavery and the anti-slavery movement.

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John Newton was an English evangelical Anglican cleric and slavery abolitionist. He had previously been a captain of slave ships and an investor in the slave trade. He served as a sailor in the Royal...

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