Darkness and Daylight; or, Lights and Shadows of New York Life

Darkness and Daylight; or, Lights and Shadows of New York Life

by Thomas Wallace Knox

A Pictorial Record of Personal Experiences by Day and Night in the Great Metropolis, with hundreds of thrilling anecdotes and incidents, sketches of life and character, humorous stories, touching home scenes, and tales of tender pathos, drawn from the bright and shady sides of the great under world of New York. By Mrs. Helen Campbell, City Missionary and Philanthropist; Col. Thomas W. Knox, Author and Journalist; and Supt. Thomas Byrnes, Chief of NY Police and Detectives. With highly interesting descriptions of little known phases of New York life; and an account of Detective Byrnes' thirty years' experiences and reminiscences written by himself from his private diary. With an introduction by Rev. Lyman Abbott, D.D., Pastor of Plymouth Church. This volume aims to give scrupulously exact descriptions of life and scenes in the great metropolis under three different aspects: 1st, "As Seen by a Woman;" 2d, "As Seen by a Journalist;" 3d, "As Seen and Known by a Chief of the New York Detective Bureau." - Summary by Book title and preface Published in 1897. The source text contains over 250 sketches and illustrations, which the listener is encouraged to enjoy along with the audio.

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Thomas Wallace Knox

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Thomas Wallace Knox, a prominent figure in the world of journalism and literature, left an indelible mark on American history and literature. His tireless pursuit of truth, adventurous spirit, and cap...

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Lyman Abbott

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Lyman Abbott (December 18, 1835 – October 22, 1922) was an American Congregationalist theologian, editor, and author. He was the editor of The Christian Union and later The Outlook, and he was a leadi...

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