Audiobook of Grace Harlowe with the Marines at Chateau Thierry

Grace Harlowe with the Marines at Chateau Thierry

by Jessie Graham Flower

Grace Harlowe, the spirited and resourceful Red Cross nurse, finds herself amidst the chaos and courage of World War I in Jessie Graham Flower's captivating novel, "Grace Harlowe with the Marines at Chateau Thierry." Driven by her unwavering compassion and unwavering spirit, Grace volunteers her services to the Marines, venturing into the perilous battlefields of France. As she faces the horrors of war firsthand, her determination to aid the wounded and alleviate suffering remains unshaken.

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Jessie Graham Flower is a pseudonym for American author Josephine Chase. Born about 1878 in Pennsylvania to Edward H. Chase and Mary Arrner Chase. Chase was the author of the popular Grace Harlowe ser...

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