Book Cover of Japanese Fairy Tales

Japanese Fairy Tales

by Yei Theodora Ozaki

Published in 1903 entitled the Japanese Fairy Book, the title was changed in the 1908 edition to Japanese Fairy Tales. Theodora Ozaki was the daughter of a wealthy Japanese aristocrat Baron Ozaki, the first Japanese man to study in the West, and his wife, an American schoolteacher's daughter. The couple separated after a brief marriage and Theodora lived with her father in Japan. She worked as a secretary and spent much of her spare time collecting traditional Japanese stories. She was encouraged to publish the collection by the Scottish writer Andrew Lang, who was himself an accomplished writer of children's literature.

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Yei Theodora Ozaki

England, Japan

Yei Evelyn Theodora Kate Ozaki ,O'Yei or Theodora was an early 20th-century translator of Japanese short stories and fairy tales. Her translations were fairly liberal but have been popular, and were r...

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