Book Cover of Lessons in the Shanghai Dialect

Lessons in the Shanghai Dialect

by Francis Lister Hawks Pott

The book aimed to help Westerners learn the Shanghai dialect of Chinese, which was widely spoken in the city at the time. The book is divided into two parts. The first part contains a guide to the sounds and pronunciation of the Shanghai dialect, as well as a number of dialogues and phrases that would be useful for travelers and residents alike. The second part contains a more detailed grammar of the dialect, including explanations of its sentence structure, particles, and other features. "Lessons in the Shanghai Dialect" was one of the first books to provide a systematic introduction to this dialect of Chinese, which was then becoming increasingly important in international trade and commerce. It was praised for its clarity and practicality, and was widely used by missionaries, diplomats, and traders who needed to communicate with the local population. Today, the book remains an important resource for scholars of Chinese dialects and linguistics, as well as for anyone interested in the history and culture of Shanghai. Its author, Francis Lister Hawks Pott, is remembered as a pioneering linguist and educator who helped to bridge the gap between East and West.

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Francis Lister Hawks Pott was an American author, historian, and Episcopal clergyman who is best known for his books on the history of the Episcopal Church in the United States. Pott was born in New Y...

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