Book Cover of Ode 7

Ode 7

by Anacreon

The poem is known for its fluidity and grace, and is set to music, like many of Anacreon's works. "Ode 7" is a tribute to the joys of love, describing the beauty and allure of a beloved woman, and the pleasures of spending time with her. Throughout the poem, Anacreon uses vivid imagery and metaphors to convey the intensity of his love and desire, making "Ode 7" a timeless and romantic work of poetry. The poem has been translated into many languages and continues to be read and enjoyed by readers around the world. Overall, "Ode 7" is a beautiful and moving work of poetry, written by one of the most celebrated poets of ancient Greece. Its focus on the pleasures of love and the beauty of life continues to inspire readers and writers alike, making it a true classic of world literature.

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16th Century


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Anacreon was a Greek poet from the sixth century BCE, known for his lyrical poems, often focused on love and wine. He was born in Teos, a city on the coast of Ionia, in present-day Turkey. Anacreon's...

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