Polaris and the Goddess Glorian

Polaris and the Goddess Glorian

by Charles B. Stilson

In this, the final tale of the Polaris of the Snows saga, Polaris, Rose, Minos and Memene, along with scientist Zenas Wright and the redoubtable crew of the rescue ship, Minnetonka, are returning from the Antarctic to America when their ship is attacked and sunk by an Atlantean force that is bent on restoring their ancient ancestral dominance over the known world. Our captured heroes are now at the mercy of a tyrannical king and his people whose evil intent is opposed only by the Goddess Glorian and her devoted followers. (Summary by Brian Fullen)

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Charles B. Stilson

United States

Charles B. Stilson was a visionary conservationist and influential figure in the early 20th century who dedicated his life to preserving and protecting wildlife and natural habitats. This SEO-friendly...

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