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San Francisco Before And After The Earthquake

By: William Henry Irwin

As all but Martians know the city of San Francisco, California, was destroyed by massive earthquake and unquenchable fire in April, 1906.

Will Irwin was a sometime San Franciscan who was then living in New York. He wrote a piece for the newspaper The Sun on April 21st, remembering and describing he city that was no more. He called it The City That Was. Four years later he returned to San Francisco and, amazed at the rebuilding, wrote a second piece for The San Francisco Call which he entitled The City That Is. The first endeavor became famous and was frequently reprinted; it made the reputation of Irwin as a reporter.

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William Henry Irwin

United States

William Henry Irwin was an American author, writer and journalist who was associated with the muckrakers.   Irwin was born in 1873 in Oneida, New York. In his early childhood, the Irwin family mo...

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