Audiobook of St. George and St. Michael, Volume 1

St. George and St. Michael, Volume 1

by George MacDonald

In the quaint village of Marshmallows, where folklore and reality intertwine, a long-standing feud between two families shrouds the land in enigmatic darkness. But amidst the shadows, an extraordinary tale of love and courage is about to unfold. In "St. George and St. Michael, Volume 1" by George MacDonald, the stage is set for an enthralling saga of redemption and redemption. When a mysterious stranger arrives in Marshmallows, the destinies of the fiery-hearted young David and the resolute Elsie intertwine, unraveling the secrets that have plagued their families for generations. As the village brims with ancient myths and legends, the lines between the mythical and the mundane blur, beckoning David and Elsie on a perilous quest. As they embark on their journey, they encounter fantastical creatures and face the test of their courage, love, and loyalties. The deeper they delve into the heart of the feud, the more they realize the underlying forces at play, both earthly and celestial. Old enmities will be challenged, and powerful alliances will be forged, testing the very essence of human nature. George MacDonald's masterful storytelling weaves a captivating narrative of profound truths and ethereal wonders. "St. George and St. Michael" immerses readers in a world where the boundaries of reality are pushed, and where the battles fought are not only with swords but with the very essence of the human soul. A tale of love, heroism, and redemption, this first volume is merely the beginning of an unforgettable journey that will ignite the imagination and resonate with the reader's heart long after the final page is turned.
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George MacDonald

England, Scotland

George MacDonald (10 December 1824 – 18 September 1905) was a Scottish author, poet and Christian minister. He was a pioneering figure in the field of modern fantasy literature and the mentor of...

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