Book Cover of The Blue Poetry Book

The Blue Poetry Book

by Andrew Lang

It is a timeless anthology that showcases the beauty of poetry through a range of styles and themes. Each poem is carefully selected and presented in Lang's eloquent and engaging style, making it accessible to readers of all ages and backgrounds. The book features a diverse range of works, from romantic sonnets and odes to humorous ballads and limericks. One of the most notable features of The Blue Poetry Book is Lang's insightful commentary on each poem. His notes provide historical context, literary analysis, and personal reflections that enhance the reader's understanding and appreciation of the poetry. This adds an educational and intellectual dimension to the book, making it a valuable resource for students of literature and poetry. The Blue Poetry Book has stood the test of time and remains a beloved classic among poetry enthusiasts. Its enduring popularity is a testament to Lang's skillful curation and his passion for poetry. For anyone looking to explore the rich and varied world of poetry, The Blue Poetry Book is a must-read.

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Andrew Lang


Andrew Lang was a Scottish poet, novelist, literary critic, and contributor to the field of anthropology. He is best known as a collector of folk and fairy tales. The Andrew Lang lectures at the Unive...

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