Book Cover of The Golden Goose Book

The Golden Goose Book

by L. Leslie Brooke

The Book narrates the story of a family with three sons who reside in beginning of the forest. Their youngest son called Simpleton because unlike his brothers he is kind and helpful to all. The family needs fire wood. Their father sends the elder son to cut firewood. As he has to go far in the forest, his mother gives a cake and a bottle of wine. In the forest, he meets a short brown man who requests him to share his food with him. Elder son refuses to help. He is unable to cut the dry wooden tree because the chopper slips from his hand and cuts his arm.

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L. Leslie Brooke (1862-1940) was a renowned British author and illustrator best known for his charming and timeless children's books. With a career spanning several decades, Brooke left an indelible m...

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