Book Cover of The Lives of the Ancient Philosophers

The Lives of the Ancient Philosophers

by Francois Fenelon

François Fénelon became a priest in 1675, Archbishop of Paris in 1679, was spiritual advisor to Madame Guyon, and was appointed tutor to Louis, Duke of Burgundy (1682-1712) by Louis XIV in 1689. He wrote Dialogues of the Dead, and The Lives of the Ancient Philosophers as well as The Adventures of Telemachus expressly for his instruction. Fenelon wrote against the Jansenists and in favor of the Jesuits. He is also known for his Christian Perfection: Devotional Reflections on the Christian Life and Treatise on the Education of Girls.

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Francois Fenelon

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François de Salignac de la Mothe-Fénelon  more commonly known as François Fénelon was a French Catholic archbishop, theologian, poet and writer. Today, he is remembere...

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