Audiobook of The Wind in the Rose-Bush, and Other Stories of the Supernatural

The Wind in the Rose-Bush, and Other Stories of the Supernatural

by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

The wind in the rose-bush is not just the sound of the breeze. It is the voice of the past, calling to us from beyond the grave. The Wind in the Rose-Bush, and Other Stories of the Supernatural is a collection of short stories by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, a master of the American supernatural tale. The stories in this collection explore the themes of love, loss, and the power of the human spirit. In the title story, a young woman hears the wind whispering in the rose-bushes, and she is convinced that it is the voice of her dead lover. In another story, a woman is haunted by the ghost of her grandmother, who warns her of a terrible danger. And in a third story, a man discovers that his house is haunted by the ghosts of its former occupants. Freeman's stories are beautifully written and emotionally resonant. They will stay with you long after you finish reading them. If you are a fan of the supernatural, then you will love The Wind in the Rose-Bush, and Other Stories of the Supernatural.

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Mary E. Wilkins Freeman was an American author known for her contributions to American literature, particularly in the realm of regionalism and local color fiction. Born on October 31, 1852, in Randol...

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