Saint Anthony of Padua

The Wonder-Worker of Padua

by Charles Warren Stoddard

This is the inspiring story of Saint Anthony of Padua. The son of a wealthy Portuguese family, he was initially ordained a priest of the Canons Regular of Saint Augustine. In 1221, he took up the habit of a poor Franciscan friar and devoted his life to fervently preaching the Word of God. His extensive knowledge of Sacred Scripture and keen insights into its profound spiritual meaning astonished his hearers. To confirm the efficacy of his words, God gave him the gifts of prophecy and of performing miracles, the most memorable of which he worked in Padua in northern Italy, where he resided for many years. Anthony was declared a Doctor of the Church and is the beloved Patron Saint of the Poor.

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Charles Warren Stoddard was an American author and editor best known for his travel books about Polynesian life. Charles Warren Stoddard was born in Rochester, New York on August 7, 1843. He was desc...

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