Book Cover of The Wounded Soldier in the Convent

The Wounded Soldier in the Convent

by François Coppée

The poem celebrates the compassionate and dedicated care provided by nurses, specifically nuns, who work with wounded soldiers during the siege. The poem emphasizes the importance of these selfless caregivers who show compassion and generosity towards their patients, despite the difficulties and hardships they face. The poem reflects Coppée's admiration for the nuns who, in the face of adversity, rise to the challenge and provide vital care and support to those in need. The poem is a testament to the resilience and kindness of the human spirit, even in times of great conflict and suffering.

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François Edouard Joachim Coppée was a French poet and novelist born in Paris to a civil servant. He attended Lycée Saint-Louis and worked as a clerk in the Ministry of War, becomi...

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