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Lifetime: 1812 - 1889 Passed: ≈ 133 years ago


English Poet, Playwright



Robert Browning

Robert Browning was an English poet and playwright whose dramatic monologues put him high among the Victorian poets. His verse was noted for irony, characterization, dark humour, social commentary, historical settings and challenging vocabulary and syntax. His career began well – the long poems Pauline (1833) and Paracelsus (1835) were acclaimed – but his reputation shrank for a time – his 1840 poem Sordello was seen as wilfully obscure – and took over a decade to recover, by which time he had moved from Shelleyan forms to a more personal style. In 1846 Browning married the older poet Elizabeth Barrett and went to live in Italy. By her death in 1861 he had published the collection Men and Women (1855). His Dramatis Personae (1864) and book-length epic poem The Ring and the Book (1868–1869) made him a leading British poet. He continued to be prolific, but his reputation today rests mainly on his middle period. By his death in 1889 he was seen as a sage and philosopher-poet who had fed into Victorian social and political discourse. Societies for studying his work formed in his lifetime and survived in Britain and the US into the 20th century.

Books by Robert Browning

Pippa Passes Cover image

Pippa Passes

Poetry Drama

Pippa Passes is a verse drama by Robert Browning. It was published in 1841 as the first volume of his Bells and Pomegranates series, in a low-priced two-column edition for sixpence and next republished in Poems in 1848, which received much more criti...

The Ring and the Book Cover image

The Ring and the Book

Mystery Narrative

The Ring and the Book is a long dramatic narrative poem, and, more specifically, a verse novel, of 21,000 lines, written by Robert Browning. It was published in four volumes from 1868 to 1869 by Smith, Elder & Co.

White Witchcraft Cover image

White Witchcraft

Power Poems Emotion Fortnightly Imagination Mysticism

This is a captivating exploration of the mystical realm, where words weave spells and magic dances through verses. Crafted by the renowned poet Robert Browning, this enchanting poem invites readers into a world where imagination and mystique intertwi...

A Wall Cover image

A Wall

Poems Reflection Life Emotion Verses Experiences Resilience Existence Joys Sorrow Human Emotions

"A Wall" by the celebrated poet Robert Browning is a mesmerizing poem that immerses readers in a world where a seemingly ordinary wall becomes a canvas for the exploration of human emotions and the complexities of life. Through evocative verses, Bro...

Wanting is - What? Cover image

Wanting is - What?

Love Power Poems Challenges Passion Hope Verses

Wanting is - What? A poem about the power of love to complete and fulfill us. The poem begins with the speaker asking the question, "Wanting is - what?" He then goes on to describe the world as it is without love: "Summer redundant, Blueness abundan...