Book Cover of Among Cannibals

Among Cannibals

by Carl Lumholtz

It provides a first-hand account of Lumholtz's four-year expedition in Australia, where he lived among indigenous tribes and documented their customs, beliefs, and way of life. Originally published in 1889, "Among Cannibals" remains a significant work in the field of anthropology and has been praised for its meticulous attention to detail and sensitive portrayal of indigenous peoples. The book sheds light on a culture that was largely unknown and misunderstood at the time of its writing, and provides valuable insights into the daily lives and traditions of Australian Aboriginals. Lumholtz's experiences living among the tribes of Queensland are recounted in vivid detail, from his first encounters with the natives to his participation in their ceremonies and rituals. He describes their hunting techniques, social structures, and religious beliefs, and provides a unique perspective on the complexities of indigenous cultures. The book also touches on themes of colonialism and the impact of European settlement on Aboriginal communities. Lumholtz documents the conflicts and tensions that arose between the indigenous peoples and European settlers, and provides a nuanced portrayal of the power dynamics at play. Overall, "Among Cannibals" is a valuable and informative work that offers a glimpse into a fascinating and often misunderstood culture. Lumholtz's dedication to ethnographic research and his commitment to understanding other cultures is evident throughout the book, and his insights continue to be studied and celebrated today. For those interested in anthropology, indigenous studies, or Australian history, "Among Cannibals" is an essential read.

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Carl Lumholtz was a Norwegian explorer, ethnographer, and author who is widely known for his contributions to the field of anthropology and for his extensive travels to remote areas of the world. Born...

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