Audiobook of Bonne-Marie, a Tale of Normandy and Paris

Bonne-Marie, a Tale of Normandy and Paris

by Henry Gréville

"A young woman's journey from the shores of Normandy to the bustling streets of Paris." In this novel, Henry Gréville tells the story of Bonne-Marie, a young woman who leaves her home in Normandy to seek her fortune in Paris. Bonne-Marie is a kind and gentle soul, but she is also strong and determined. She is willing to work hard and make sacrifices in order to achieve her dreams. In Paris, Bonne-Marie faces many challenges. She is forced to work long hours in a factory, and she is often treated poorly by her employers. However, she never gives up hope. She eventually finds love and happiness, and she becomes a successful businesswoman.

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Henry Gréville was the pseudonym of Alice Durand, a French novelist born in Paris in 1842. She was a prolific writer, with over 70 published works to her name. Her books were immensely popular in the...

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