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Chronicles of Avonlea

By: Lucy Maud Montgomery

A collection of short stories first published in 1912, the book focuses on events occurring in the popular fictional village of Avonlea, which is notorious as the hometown of Anne Shirley. Comprised of 12 short stories, the Chronicles of Avonlea present a different view of the town, with the introduction of many new gripping characters, which prove to be just as endearing as their most renowned resident. Tales of everyday snippets of life proving to be humorous, identifiable, and heartwarming, the collection is an effective reinvigoration to the classic setting. Montgomery’s short stories are loosely related to the Anne of Green Gables series, incorporating the charming Anne as a minor role in one of the stories and briefly mentioning her in others. It also features some other familiar characters, although the plots are independent of the series and are based on the experiences on other Avonlea locals. One of the most gripping stories in the collection, which holds the power to enchant, is “Each in His Own Tongue” where Montgomery portrays the sacred nature of art and its hidden value. The tale involves a young boy who has a love and gift for the violin, but his passion is frowned upon by his grandfather who is a reverend, and frowns upon the idea of the boy becoming a musician. However, the boy’s talents are well known and appreciated by various residents, and although he is forbidden he still continues to play the violin. Much to the dismay of the minister, the captivating tune does in fact have the ability to serve a higher purpose and is even able to match the foundations of his own capacity as a church member. Nevertheless, each story portrays its own unique plot guaranteed to entertain with its colorful variety. Focusing on universal themes about mankind, the book conveys the flaws of critical behavior that is sure to leave a poignant mark later in life. In addition it deals with compassion, taking risks, and absolute dedication in order to attain one’s hopes and dreams, while serving as a reminder to not allow pride the luxury to govern one’s choices.

  1. "The Hurrying of Ludovic": Anne Shirley is behind Ludovic Speed's proposal to Theodora Dix after their very long courtship.
  2. "Old Lady Lloyd":Old Lady Lloyd, thought to be very rich, encounters the daughter of her former beau and tries to help her.
  3. "Each in His Own Tongue": Reverend Stephen Leonard attempts to stifle his son Felix's gifted violin-playing, which he sees as unholy.
  4. "Little Joscelyn": Aunty Nan hears of Joscelyn Burnett's return to Prince Edward Island and greatly desires to hear her old friend sing.
  5. "The Winning of Lucinda": Lucinda and Romney Penhallow's longtime feud is resolved.
  6. "Old Man Shaw's Girl": Mrs Peter Blewett attempts to destroy Old Man Shaw's hopes regarding the return of his beloved daughter Sara ("Blossom").
  7. "Aunt Olivia's Beau": Olivia Sterling is courted by Malcolm McPherson.
  8. "Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's": Severe man-hater Angelina "Peter" MacPherson is quarantined for smallpox with Alexander Abraham Bennett, a misogynist who has not allowed a woman in his house for years.
  9. "Pa Sloane's Purchase": Pa Sloane rashly buys a baby at an auction and must deal with the consequences.
  10. "The Courting of Prissy Strong": Stephen Clark courts Prissy Strong despite her sister Emmeline's strong opposition.
  11. "The Miracle at Carmody": Avowed atheist Judith Marsh and her sister Salome attempt to raise young Lionel Hezekiah.
  12. "The End of a Quarrel": Peter Wright and Nancy Rogerson meet again, many years after a quarrel over his grammar broke them up.



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Lucy Maud Montgomery  (November 30, 1874 – April 24, 1942), published as L. M. Montgomery, was a Canadian author best known for a series of novels beginning in 1908 with Anne of Green Gable...

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