Audiobook of 'Farewell, Nikola'

'Farewell, Nikola'

by Guy Boothby

Dr. Nikola, the world's most dangerous criminal mastermind, is dead. Or is he? In the thrilling conclusion to Guy Boothby's Dr. Nikola series, the infamous criminal mastermind is finally brought to justice. But even in death, Nikola remains a threat. His loyal followers are determined to avenge his death, and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Detective Paul Gordon, Nikola's nemesis, must race against time to stop Nikola's followers from carrying out their plans. But Gordon is not alone. He has the help of his friends and allies, including the beautiful and resourceful Antoinette de Mauban.

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Guy Boothby


Guy Newell Boothby (13 October 1867 – 26 February 1905) was a prolific Australian novelist and writer, noted for sensational fiction in variety magazines around the end of the nineteenth century. He l...

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