Audiobook of I Have Desired To Go

I Have Desired To Go

by Gerard Manley Hopkins

"Where springs not fail, where fields not fall, I have desired to go." I Have Desired to Go is a collection of poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins, published posthumously in 1918. The poems are known for their intense religious imagery and their use of sprung rhythm, a metrical system that Hopkins developed. Many of the poems in I Have Desired to Go explore the speaker's longing for heaven, a place of beauty and peace where the soul can be united with God. Other poems explore the speaker's relationship with nature, which Hopkins saw as a manifestation of God's love and creativity. The poems in I Have Desired to Go are often challenging to read, but they are also deeply rewarding. Hopkins's language is rich and evocative, and his insights into the human condition are both profound and moving.

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Gerard Manley Hopkins was an English poet and Jesuit priest, whose posthumous fame placed him among the leading Victorian poets. His manipulation of prosody – parti...

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