Audiobook of Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant

Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant

by Pansy (Isabella Macdonald Alden)

Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant is a young woman with a secret. She is a gifted psychic, and she can see the future. But her gift is also a curse, as she is often haunted by visions of death and destruction. Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant is a young woman who lives in a small town in the American Midwest. She is a kind and compassionate person, but she is also haunted by visions of death and destruction. Dee's gift is a curse, and she often feels like she is living in a world of darkness. One day, Dee meets a young man named Jack. Jack is everything that Dee is not: he is outgoing and confident, and he seems to have no fear of the future. Dee is drawn to Jack, and the two of them quickly fall in love. But Dee's gift threatens to tear them apart. Jack does not believe in psychics, and he is afraid of Dee's visions. He tries to convince Dee to give up her gift, but she refuses. Dee knows that her gift is a part of who she is, and she cannot give it up. Dee and Jack's relationship is tested to the limit when Dee has a vision of a terrible disaster. Dee tries to warn Jack, but he does not believe her. The disaster happens, and Jack is killed. Dee is devastated by Jack's death, but she knows that she must keep her gift. She vows to use her gift to help others, and to prevent future disasters.

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Isabella Macdonald Alden was an American author. Her best known works were: Four Girls at Chautauqua, Chautauqua Girls at Home, Tip Lewis and his Lamp, Three People, Links in Rebecca's Life, Julia Rei...

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