Spaceship Named McGuire

Spaceship Named McGuire

by Randall Garrett

Can a spaceship go crazy? Well, yes it can if it has a brain. And the new MG (magnetogravitic drive) experimental robot space ship does indeed have a 'brain'. Completely bewildered as to why the first six models of their supposedly perfect new ship model, the MG-YR, nicknamed the McGuire, have gone totally bonkers after activation and before they could ever be used, the company has called in the services of Daniel Oak. They suspect sabotage of course. Daniel Oak is the hard boiled private investigator with nerves of steel and a mind of the same substance. He is extremely expensive to hire but gets results; and he knows his way around crime, space ships and especially women. What he finds out is surprising! (Summary by Phil Chenevert)

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Randall Garrett

United States

Explore the captivating life and literary contributions of Randall Garrett, an American science fiction and fantasy author who left an indelible mark on the genre. This comprehensive essay delves into...

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