Audiobook of The Adventures of Sammy Jay

The Adventures of Sammy Jay

by Thornton W. Burgess

In the heart of the Green Forest, where the trees stand tall and the creatures roam free, resides Sammy Jay, a mischievous blue jay with a penchant for adventure. Join Sammy as he navigates the wonders and perils of the forest, encountering a cast of endearing characters along the way, from the wise old Grandfather Crow to the mischievous Reddy Fox. Sammy's playful antics often land him in tricky situations, but his wit and resourcefulness always help him find his way out. Whether he's stealing nuts from the Squirrels' store or playing pranks on the other animals, Sammy's escapades are sure to entertain young readers.

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Thornton W. Burgess

United States

Thornton Burgess was an American author, naturalist, and conservationist known for his children's books featuring animal characters. He was born in Sandwich, Massachusetts, in 1874, and grew up in a r...

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