Book Cover of The Epistles of Ignatius

The Epistles of Ignatius

by St. Ignatius

Ignatius of Antioch penned these letters to churches (Ephesians, Magnesians, Trallians, Romans, Philadelphians, and Smyrnaeans) and Polycarp on his way to martyrdom. Ignatius was an apologist for the Episcopal style of church government (as opposed to sole rule by a council of presbyters) which developed in the late first or early second century. Eager to die in imitation of his Savior, it was Ignatius who wrote this to the Roman church: "I am God's wheat, and I am ground by the teeth of wild beasts that I may be found pure bread [of Christ]."

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Ignatius of Loyola venerated as Saint Ignatius of Loyola, was a Spanish Basque Catholic priest and theologian, who together with Peter Faber and Franc...

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