Book Cover of The Sentimental Song Book

The Sentimental Song Book

by Julia A. Moore

Julia A. Moore, the "Sweet Singer of Michigan," is today considered one of the true luminaries of bad poetry. Her verse, with its questionable grammar, clumsily contrived rhymes and its unique mixture of rigorous moralism and sentimentality, attracted wide-spread mockery from the press and the public, but also the attention of literary celebrities like Mark Twain. Ogden Nash, the comic poet, claimed that Moore was a major source of inspiration. Today the Flint Public Library in Michigan holds the Julia A. Moore Poetry Festival to celebrate bad poetry.

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Julia A. Moore

United States

Julia Ann Moore was an American poetaster. Like Scotland's William McGonagall, she is best known for writing notoriously bad poetry. Young Julia grew up on her family's Michigan farm, the eldest of fo...

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