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The Spell of Egypt

By: Smythe Hichens

The Spell of Egypt is a 1910 travel book by the British writer Robert Hichens. It was originally published in 1908 as Egypt and Its Monuments. Hichens was known for his orientalist writing, and Egypt was a setting for several of his novels.

Why do you come to Egypt? Do you come to gain a dream, or to regain lost dreams of old; to gild your life with the drowsy gold of romance, to lose a creeping sorrow, to forget that too many of your hours are sullen, grey, bereft? What do you wish of Egypt?

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Robert Hichens (Robert Smythe Hichens, 14 November 1864 – 20 July 1950) was an English journalist, novelist, music lyricist, short story writer, music critic and collaborated on successful plays...

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