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The Wit and Humor of America, Vol 06

By: Marshall Pinckney Wilder

The Wit and Humor of America is a 10 volume series. In this, the sixth volume, 55 short stories and poems have been gathered from 42 authors. This volume is sure to delight listeners.

Wilder's brand of humor was laced with pathos and optimism. He was the first celebrity who attained fame in spite of his disability. Wilder was born with achondroplasia or dwarfism and also kyphosis or curvature of the spine. However, his wit and humor allowed him to rise above his physical limitations and carve out a wonderful career for himself. He was gifted with boundless energy, humanism and always signed his letters, “Merrily Yours!” He became extremely wealthy, fell in love and married a beautiful woman with whom he had two children. He eventually died following the sudden death of his beloved wife two years earlier. Wilder also acted in twelve silent films between 1897 and 1912. Many of his shows were recorded on Edison cylinders which were a new invention at the time and this has ensured that we are able to enjoy Wilder's humor today.

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Marshall Pinckney Wilder (September 19, 1859 – January 10, 1915) was an American actor, monologist, humorist and sketch artist. Marshall Pinckney Wilder (sometimes spelled Marshal) was born alon...

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