Town Before You

Town Before You

by Hannah Cowley

Impoverished Lords. Rich Lords and Ladies with no sense; other folk with Big Plans. Charlatans. Fools. Buffoons. Disguises. Clever Wives and cleverer Servants. A good time will be had by all in this 1795 comedy. - Summary by ToddHW Cast list: Tippy: Greg Giordano Fancourt: ToddHW Conway: AllenO Asgill: HelloCentral Sir Robert Floyer: Craig Franklin Sir Simon Asgill: Alan Mapstone Humphrey: Beeswaxcandle Perkins: Dave Lantz Slopseller: Adrian Stephens Buckram: Larry Wilson Holdfast: Larry Wilson Sir Robert's Servant: redrun Lady Horatia Horton: Owler Georgina: Jenn Broda Mrs. Fancourt: Sonia Lady Charlotte: Agnes Robert Behr Jenny: llamaart Mrs. Bullrush: valroth Lady Horatia's Servant: redrun A Gentleman: lorda First Man: Adrian Stephens Second Man: David Purdy Servant: Alan Mapstone Servant: Inkell Maid: WoollyLambda Stage Directions: TR Love Editing: ToddHW

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Hannah Cowley was an English playwright and poet. Although Cowley's plays and poetry did not enjoy wide popularity after the 19th century, critic Melinda Finberg rates her as "one of the foremost play...

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