Audiobook of A Strange Disappearance

A Strange Disappearance

by Anna Katharine Green

In the midst of bustling New York City, a woman vanishes without a trace, leaving behind a haunting enigma. Anna Katharine Green's "A Strange Disappearance" unfurls a web of intrigue as a peculiar mystery takes center stage. A seemingly ordinary day takes a dark turn when the beloved Mrs. Hamilton vanishes into thin air, leaving her home eerily empty. As the city buzzes with confusion and concern, the enigmatic circumstances of her disappearance baffle both authorities and the community. Inspector Gryce, a seasoned detective, takes on the challenge, following the elusive trail through the labyrinthine mysteries of the human psyche. Green's masterful storytelling weaves together suspense, secrets, and unexpected revelations, drawing readers into a world where every corner holds a clandestine clue.

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Anna Katharine Green was an American poet and novelist. She was one of the first writers of detective fiction in America and distinguished herself by writing well plotted, legally accurate stories. Gr...

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