Audiobook of A Texas Matchmaker

A Texas Matchmaker

by Andy Adams

In the wild west, there's only one thing more dangerous than a gunfight: a Texas matchmaker. Meet Molly Sinclair, the most sought-after matchmaker in all of Texas. She has a reputation for finding the perfect match for even the most difficult customers. But when she's hired by the wealthy rancher, John Chisholm, to find a wife for his son, she faces her biggest challenge yet. Chisholm's son, Clay, is a handsome and charming young man, but he's also aloof and independent. He doesn't want to get married, and he certainly doesn't want Molly Sinclair meddling in his life. But Molly is determined to find Clay the perfect wife, even if it means going against his wishes. A Texas Matchmaker is a hilarious and heartwarming story about love, family, and the power of matchmaking. With its colorful cast of characters and its charming setting, it's a surefire hit for fans of western romance.

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Andy Adams

United States

Andy Adams was born in Indiana, the son of Andrew and Elizabeth (Elliott). As a boy, he helped with the cattle and horses on the family farm. During the early 1880s, he went to Texas, where he stayed...

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