Book Cover of Joseph and his Brethren

Joseph and his Brethren

by W. K. Tweedie

The story is a retelling of the Biblical tale of Joseph and his brothers, set against the backdrop of ancient Egypt. The novel follows the story of Joseph, the favored son of his father Jacob, who is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. Despite facing numerous hardships and setbacks, Joseph eventually rises to a position of power and influence in the Egyptian court, and is ultimately able to reunite with his family. Tweedie's novel is notable for its vivid and detailed portrayal of life in ancient Egypt, as well as its engaging retelling of the story of Joseph and his brothers. The novel offers a unique perspective on this familiar tale, delving into the psychological motivations and personal relationships of the characters involved. In addition to its engaging narrative, "Joseph and his Brethren" is also a valuable historical and cultural document, providing insight into the customs and traditions of ancient Egypt. The novel's detailed descriptions of daily life, religious practices, and political structures offer a fascinating glimpse into a distant and largely unfamiliar world. Overall, "Joseph and his Brethren" is a captivating and well-written novel that offers a unique take on a familiar story. Its historical and cultural significance also make it a valuable resource for scholars and students of ancient history and literature.

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W. K. Tweedie


W.K. Tweedie was a Scottish author, naturalist, and explorer who lived from 1862 to 1940. He was known for his extensive travels throughout the world, as well as his many books and articles on natural...

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