Audiobook of Asinaria; or, The Ass-Dealer

Asinaria; or, The Ass-Dealer

by Titus Maccius Plautus

In the lively and comedic play "Asinaria; or, The Ass-Dealer" by Titus Maccius Plautus, ancient Athens becomes the backdrop for a tale of greed, love, and mistaken identities. Meet Euclio, a poor old man who stumbles upon a fortune in gold, setting off a chain of hilarious events that will keep you entertained until the final curtain. When Euclio's neighbor, Lyconides, falls in love with his daughter, Phaedria, he is determined to marry her. But there's a catch - Lyconides needs money to pay off a debt, and the only one with enough gold is Euclio. With his newfound riches, Euclio becomes increasingly paranoid about keeping the treasure hidden, giving rise to a side-splitting plot of deception and farce. As the absurdity unfolds, love-struck Phaedria falls for a disguised slave, Stasimus, adding a delightful layer of confusion to the mix. Meanwhile, Lyconides resorts to comical schemes to obtain the needed money, leading to a series of uproarious misunderstandings. Plautus's mastery of witty dialogue and clever wordplay shines throughout the play, immersing readers in the rich humor of ancient Roman comedy. As the characters' foibles and desires collide, "Asinaria" explores the timeless themes of human nature, making it a captivating and insightful piece of classic literature. Experience the brilliance of Plautus's comedic genius in "Asinaria; or, The Ass-Dealer," a delightful play that continues to enchant audiences across the ages with its uproarious charm and astute observations on the follies of human behavior. Get ready to laugh, ponder, and revel in the timeless humor and wit of ancient Rome's greatest playwright.

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Titus Maccius Plautus commonly known as Plautus, was a Roman playwright of the Old Latin period. His comedies are the earliest Latin literary works to have survived in their entirety. He wrote Palliat...

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