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by Henry Kuttner

Step into a world where time is both a tool and a weapon, where the fabric of reality hangs in the balance. In "Atomic!" by Henry Kuttner, the boundaries of time and space are shattered as readers embark on an exhilarating journey through the ages. This gripping science fiction novel explores the thrilling possibilities and dire consequences of time travel. When brilliant scientist Joe Mauser invents a revolutionary time machine, he unleashes a force that could change the course of history. However, his invention falls into the wrong hands. Led by the enigmatic Dr. Mulciber, a group of power-hungry individuals aims to manipulate the past for their own nefarious purposes. As Joe Mauser races against time, he joins forces with a courageous group of resistance fighters. Together, they must confront the perils of altering the past, facing unexpected challenges and fighting to restore the delicate balance of the timeline. With his trademark storytelling prowess, Kuttner weaves a thrilling tapestry of suspense, adventure, and ethical dilemmas. "Atomic!" immerses readers in a world where the consequences of time travel are both fascinating and perilous. Full of unexpected twists and heart-pounding moments, "Atomic!" showcases Kuttner's skill in creating a compelling narrative that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. This thought-provoking novel explores themes of power, responsibility, and the repercussions of tampering with the fabric of time. For fans of science fiction, time travel tales, and gripping adventures, "Atomic!" is an unmissable journey into the unknown, where the future hangs in the balance and every decision has far-reaching consequences.


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Henry Kuttner

United States

This essay delves into the life and legacy of Henry Kuttner, a renowned author of science fiction and fantasy. Focusing on his principles, notable works, philosophy, and lasting impact, we uncover the...

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