Book Cover of Autobiography of a Pocket-Handkerchief

Autobiography of a Pocket-Handkerchief

by James Fenimore Cooper

It is a satirical novel that takes readers on an unusual journey through the eyes of a handkerchief. The book is a fictional account of the life of a handkerchief, from its creation in a Parisian factory to its travels through the aristocratic circles of Europe and finally to its end in a tragic scene. First published in 1843, the book was initially met with mixed reviews due to its unconventional narrative style and the use of a handkerchief as the protagonist. However, it has since gained recognition as an early example of metafiction, a genre of literature that self-consciously addresses the nature of fiction and the role of the author. Cooper's witty and humorous writing style makes the story an entertaining and insightful read. Throughout the book, the handkerchief offers a unique perspective on the social and political issues of the time, including class inequality and the power dynamics of the aristocracy. The novel also explores the themes of love, betrayal, and redemption, as the handkerchief forms relationships with various characters throughout its journey. Despite its unusual premise, The Autobiography of a Pocket-Handkerchief remains a relevant and thought-provoking work of literature. It continues to be studied by literary scholars and is a testament to Cooper's innovative storytelling and his willingness to experiment with unconventional narrative techniques.

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James Fenimore Cooper was an American writer of the first half of the 19th century. His historical romances depicting frontier and Native American life from the 17th to the 19th centuries created a un...

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