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by Bret Harte

In the heart of the Wild West, where the wind whispers secrets through the sagebrush and the sun casts long shadows across the parched earth, a lone coyote emerges from the twilight. With its piercing eyes and cunning gait, this enigmatic creature embodies the untamed spirit of the frontier. Bret Harte's evocative poem, "Coyote," captures the essence of this elusive animal, painting a vivid portrait of its solitary existence and its enduring presence in the landscape. Through his masterful use of language, Harte brings to life the coyote's loping gait, its piercing yelps, and its uncanny ability to blend into the wilderness.

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Bret Harte

United States

Francis Brett Harte, better known as Bret Harte, was an American short story writer, poet, and essayist who emerged as a literary icon of the American West during the mid-19th century. His captivating...

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