Audiobook of Old Man Rain

Old Man Rain

by Madison Cawein

Through vivid imagery and evocative language, Cawein paints a poetic portrait of the Bluegrass State, capturing its natural beauty, rich history, and the enduring spirit of its people. From the rolling hills and verdant forests to the bustling towns and quiet countryside, Cawein's poems transport readers to a world steeped in tradition and folklore. In "The Rain Song," Cawein personifies rain as an old man, a wise and weathered figure who brings life-giving water to the parched land. With each drop, the earth awakens, and the cycle of nature continues.

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Madison Cawein

United States

Madison Julius Cawein was a poet from Louisville, Kentucky. Madison Julius Cawein was born in Louisville, Kentucky on March 23, 1865, the fifth child of William and Christiana (Stelsly) Cawein. His fa...

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