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Roman History: The Early Empire by William Wolfe Capes

By: William Wolfe Capes

William Wolfe Capes (1834-1914) was an Anglican cleric, a classicist, and a historian. This is his short chronicle of the early Roman Empire, from the aftermath of the murder of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C.E. to the assassination of the tyrannical Domitian in 96 C.E.. Capes writes about the intervening emperors, including the notorious Caligula and Nero, and then devotes chapters to Roman citizenship, life in the provinces, trade, religion, the frontiers, and the army.

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William Wolfe Capes

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William Wolfe Capes was a notable Hereford scholar.   Capes attended St Paul's School, London, and the Queen's College, Oxford. Ordained in 1868, he was a cleric in the Diocese of Winchester, rec...

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