Audiobook of The Creature from Beyond Infinity

The Creature from Beyond Infinity

by Henry Kuttner

In a distant future where humanity has conquered the stars, a reckless and daring adventurer named Kenton embarks on a perilous journey to explore uncharted regions of the cosmos. Armed with a starship and an insatiable thirst for discovery, he craves the secrets of the unknown. But when an unforeseen anomaly throws him off-course, Kenton finds himself marooned on an alien planet, far from any known civilization. Lost and desperate for a way back home, Kenton stumbles upon an ancient, abandoned city teeming with arcane wonders and unimaginable technology. In his search for a means of escape, he unwittingly triggers an ancient mechanism, awakening a malevolent force that had been sealed away for eons – the Creature from Beyond Infinity. The awakened being is no mere mortal but a being of unfathomable power, capable of reshaping worlds and bending reality to its will. Trapped on the planet with the creature, Kenton must confront his deepest fears and find a way to outwit a force that defies all comprehension. As he delves deeper into the secrets of the ancient city and the origins of the creature, he discovers that the fate of not just his life, but the entire universe hangs in the balance. With time running out and the creature's malevolence spreading across the cosmos, Kenton must make a fateful decision – to unleash the creature's full potential, becoming a force of ultimate destruction, or risk everything to find a way to contain it once more. Henry Kuttner's "The Creature from Beyond Infinity" is a breathtaking tale of cosmic adventure, ancient mysteries, and the indomitable spirit of humanity against unfathomable odds. Prepare to be enthralled and transported to a universe where the boundaries of imagination are pushed to their limits and the fate of existence lies in the hands of one intrepid explorer.


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Henry Kuttner

United States

This essay delves into the life and legacy of Henry Kuttner, a renowned author of science fiction and fantasy. Focusing on his principles, notable works, philosophy, and lasting impact, we uncover the...

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